The Mysterious P.O. Box 2663


The little Post Office Box that is used by many candidates and political action committees looks pretty innocuous but it is at the center of much of that which passes for  politics in Tuscaloosa’s ruling establishment.

It was used on the school board campaigns of Lee Garrison and Norman Crow. It was used by Governor Robert Bentley. It was used by the Educate Tuscaloosa PAC. Among the ten or so other political action committees that have used it are the KAW, Capital, Tusco, T-Town, T-Town II, and Pride II PACs, which are all associated with The Franklin Resources Groups’ Michael H. Echols. The Franklin Resources Group is a Montgomery lobbying firm that is deeply involved in local politics.

Chances are that if you’ve received a robo call from Montgomery for a local candidate it originated from Franklin.  Or if you’ve received a postcard in the mail the P.O. Box is to be found on it. You may have seen it on a website. All the incumbents on the Tuscaloosa City Council have received money from PACs that Michael Echols is the Chair or Treasurer of. Three challengers for School Board races have in fact derived almost all of their funding from the Educate Tuscaloosa PAC, which Michael Echols chairs.


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