Tuscaloosa School Board Race Sparks Interest Elsewhere

The Legal Schnauzer blog has had a long standing interest in School Board Chair candidate Lee Garrison’s former wife Jessica, who allegedly has had an extramarital affair with the Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange. As a consequence Lee Garrison has become a person of interest.

First came a blog “Photograph Of Lee Garrison Wearing A Penis Nose Shows Up In Time To Enliven Tuscaloosa Elections” about a strange Halloween mask worn by Lee Garrison, years after he was elected to the Tuscaloosa City Council. 

The FranklinStoveBlog was even cited. “An infusion of corporate cash has helped inject the municipal races with an unusually combative tone.  It even has sparked the creation of The Franklin Stove Blog (FSB) The blog’s views appear to run counter to those of the corporate-backed candidates. A post dated August 18 is titled ‘Cash Soaked Election Covered In The News.’ The author of FSB says a win for the corporate candidates would be a victory for The Machine, the shadowy group that has dominated student politics at UA for decades.”

The Legal Schnauzer blog asked, “What does the Penis Nose Scandal say about Lee Garrison’s qualifications to serve as chair of the school board in a major Alabama city. We will let readers–and Tuscaloosa voters–decide for themselves. Perhaps it points to some unflattering assertions that Jessica Garrison raised in the couple’s custody case.”

The blog then cites the 2011 Petition For Modification Of Custody which claims that: “The father has repeatedly exhibited a willingness to forfeit time with his son to pursue recreational and social activities that often involve excessive drinking and late nights. He also admittedly has had a gambling problem and takes controlled medications for which he has no prescription or medical need. The father also has a bad temper and a consistent tendency to rage, often in the presence of the child. Moreover, the father and his wife are cigarette smokers and have pets, both of which contribute to the child’s ongoing allergies.”

The blog concludes, “For now, the Penis Nose Scandal has helped enliven a contest that already was plenty lively.”

Another Legal Schnauzer blog also involves Lee Garrison.  “Ex Aide To Luther Strange Has Business Connections To Man Indicted In Panama Gambling Investigation” concerns itself with ties  to a gambling figure that are shared by Lee Garrison and his former wife Jessica.

The Legal Schnauzer Blog reports: “Jessica Medeiros Garrison and her former husband, Tuscaloosa city councilman Lee Garrison, are partners with Erik Davis Harp in Margaritaville, LLC. Harp was among 30 people indicted in October 2009 in connection with what one press outlet called ‘a gambling ring with ties to organized crime.’ Harp was 36 years old at the time of the indictment, and his address was listed as Las Vegas, Nevada. But his roots are in Tuscaloosa, and he apparently met the Garrisons while all three attended the University of Alabama.

“A clear path can be drawn from Erik Davis Harp to Jessica Garrison (and Lee Garrison) to Luther Strange. That should raise questions about Lee Garrison’s suitability for a spot on the Tuscaloosa School Board. And it should raise extremely serious questions about Luther Strange, Jessica Garrison, and their close associates . . . who have ridden to power on claims that they are morally opposed to gambling.”


2 thoughts on “Tuscaloosa School Board Race Sparks Interest Elsewhere

  1. Anne R. Gibbons says:

    Thanks for all this. We may not prevail but we will go down swinging. You are a great asset to the community.

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