Have you ever been experienced?


Image of a screen-capture of the Stephen Keller campaign Twitter account with Allen from the Capstone online story.

The Capstone -“Voice of The University of Alabama” is reporting fraudulent behavior in the just held Student Government Association elections. A Special Report: Recording Leads to Questions of Fraud In SGA Election raises questions what about the impact that Students for Experienced Leadership may have had on the election and its ties to The Machine.

Cameron Hurley-Knight reported about the Student Government Association election:

In a series of  interviews conducted on Election Day, Vice President Elect of Student Affairs Stephen Keller acknowledged that his campaign was working with other Machine candidates under the banner of “Students for Experienced Leadership” and that he personally distributed flyers that he did not pay for, which is a violation of SGA elections rules according to materials provided by the elections board. Under SGA election rules, anyone associated with a campaign must conduct themselves in accordance with predetermined regulations including spending reporting procedures and that, “all candidates and their volunteers shall be responsible for knowing its contents.”

The online Capstone post includes recordings that were allegedly made by a “whistle blower” who was “not a UA student and is not even from the state.” The whistle blower said that  “he was in town visiting a friend over spring break when he got involved in a SGA elections scandal.”

After mucking up the Tuscaloosa Board of Education race one might think the The Machine might want to have a lower profile, but if the SGA election was indeed tainted by its machinations The Machine should be back in the spotlight.


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