SGA members showing their true colors?


Doubtlessly no member of the Student Government Association at the University of Alabama would  burn a cross or wear white robes, but there does seem to be a certain amount of recalcitrance in the SGA ranks when it comes embracing 21st Century social norms.

As Melissa Brown’s reported in her story University of Alabama SGA fails to pass resolution supporting Greek integration, sparks controversy:

The University of Alabama SGA’s Senate Thursday night failed to pass a resolution to support the full integration of its Greek system, and sent it instead to committee, where it will die with the end of the 2013-14 Senate session.

Though its opponents remain tight-lipped on what issues they found with the resolution, its co-authors unanimously believe the bill was intentionally killed on the Senate floor by what one senator calls a “manipulation” of procedure to ensure its demise.

Senator and bill co-author Chisolm Allenlundy said he understands why some people disagree with the bill but takes issues that the bill wasn’t formally debated or considered on the floor.

“My fellow senators chose rather to send it to committee, so that they would not have to be listed as having voted against the legislation.”

Speaker of the Senate Cole Adams disagrees with Allenlundy’s assertions, stating Thursday night that there were many “technical questions” with the bill, and senators did not want to rush it through a vote without its due process.

But co-author Katie Smith, who introduced the bill to the floor, said the issue of integration support should have “been treated with respect and not ridicule,” and describes senators laughing as the bill was introduced.

“This was not a catch-22. It was worded in a non-controversial way but the senators decided to vote for objection,” Smith said. “We have all had ample time to consider this issue since it went national in the fall of 2013. Voting against this resolution was very clearly voting against the very idea of integrating Greek organizations.”

The resolution, co-authored by Senators Smith, Allenlundy, Anthony James and Justin Thompson, notes the unfavorable national attention UA and its Greek system received after discriminatory recruitment practices were revealed in August 2013.

There would be a high probability that a resolution encouraging blacks to play football for the Crimson Tide would get unanimous support though.


One thought on “SGA members showing their true colors?

  1. Other Tuscaloosa says:

    Damg/ So a feel good resolution to make them look like they are in the 21st century can’t get through? These shrewd politician wannabes have something to learn about keeping up appearances.

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