Ugly Bama Babes Video Goes Down


Having University of Alabama co-eds portrayed in a video where some thought they looked like high class hookers apparently didn’t cut the mustard at The Capstone. At a university that is widely viewed as a party/football/ Greek school the video didn’t seem out of place, but there was enough criticism from outside sources to put the kibosh on the recruitment video.

Ed Enoch in the Tuscaloosa News reported: “The video has drawn national attention, including a Monday morning segment on NBC’s ‘Today’ show that said the video was removed after online criticism that the images objectified women and showed a lack of diversity at UA’s Alpha Phi-Beta Mu chapter.

‘Today’ reported that the video had 500,000 views on YouTube before it was taken down. The chapter also has taken down its Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages, according to ‘Today.'”

There was a version of the YouTube video that was altered so that its accompanying music was a version of “Hare Krishna, Hare Rama.”  The substituted music seemed appropriate in segments of the video where the sorority sisters were flinging their hands and fingers in a manner that resembled the street dancing of the Hare Krishnas.

The Alabama mascot “Big Al” who appeared in the video with the Hare Krishna music might have been easily mistaken for the Hindu elephant god “Ganesh.”


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