Who Is Rafael?


AL.Com’s Charles J. Dean reported on the unexpected welcoming party at Ted Cruz’s recent Tuscaloosa appearance:

“As the 25 or so immigrants marched around the front of Bryant- Denny Stadium Tuesday protesting the appearance inside of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz they chanted various slogans.

“‘One family, one Alabama,’ they shouted as they walked. ‘Shame, shame they’re tearing us apart,’ they chanted. And this one: ‘Ted, Ted don’t forget! You’re still Rafael.’

“As they shouted that one a group of well-heeled looking men in suits and women in dresses and heels walked up the steps to the front of the stadium on their way to meet Cruz. As the protested passed just a few feet from them shouting ‘Ted, Ted don’t forget! You’re still Rafael,’ one of the men going inside could be heard asking the group he was walking in with ‘who is Rafael?’

“Apparently the man had never heard Cruz’s full name: Rafael Edward Cruz. Whether he knew the junior United States senator from Texas is the son of Cuban immigrants who knows.”


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