The Lawsuit That Time Forgot?


University of Alabama students voting according the dictates of the Machine made the difference in a Tuscaloosa School Board election in 2013. They elected one of their own. In all probability none had children in the school system. Many may have also been enticed into voting with the offer of free brooze.

If the upcoming court appearance by many of them overturns the election, will the University Administration finally rein in the members of a secretive organization that is based in the Greek culture on campus?

Stephanie Taylor reported in the Tuscaloosa News:

“University of Alabama students who cast illegal votes in the 2013 Tuscaloosa City Board of Education election will be called to testify in court at an election contest trial in September.

“The trial will end a three-year court battle that brought national attention to UA’s Greek system and its organized participation in local elections. A final outcome would be decided just months before the next school board election.

“Former board member Kelly Horwitz contested the 2013 school board election results after losing to Cason Kirby in District 4, with 329 votes to his 416. Horwitz, who was the incumbent, claimed that many of the University of Alabama students who voted in the election didn’t meet residency requirements or voted after being offered inducements such as free drinks and concert tickets.

“The majority of voters who cast illegal votes were University of Alabama students who lived near campus. Many have likely graduated and moved from Tuscaloosa.”


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