Built by Bama?


In response to racist posts on social media by a University of Alabama Alpha Phi sorority member (who was expelled for her efforts), a former Alabama Football player (who now plays for the New York Giants) Landon Collins posted:

“Alpha Phi, ‘Be weary of the company you keep for they are a reflection of who you are or who you want to be.’ Harley Barber didn’t wake up this morning and decide to spew racist rhetoric for the first time in her life. Therefore, I believe I speak on behalf of my brothers and myself when I say the Bama football team does not need the support, cheers or high fives of anyone who condones this type of intolerant, hateful behavior. #BuiltByBama”

The University’s student newspaper The Crimson White Tweeted “What steps do you think should be taken to address the issue of racism on campus? Tweet us your thoughts.”

One response was: “I mean for starters, not only are the Greek systems segregated, but their houses are on completely different sides of campus. How can there be unity when their houses can’t even co-exist?”

Another: “If UA doesn’t want this image, why have petitions to remove the names of former slaveholders/racists from campus buildings gone unanswered? Landon Garland was a slaveholder & UA president. UA recently refused to rename Morgan Hall, which is dedicated to a known white supremacist.”

And another: “Just have an open and honest conversation!  As you see a little alcohol loosened lips and they expressed their sober thoughts. So there needs to be a town hall meeting situation to express why in the 21 century we still having this conversation”

There is definitely a disconnect on the University campus when it comes to the worship of star black athletes by many students who otherwise may call black students “niggers.”

There was an incident in 2016 when Greeks allegedly mistreated  black bus drivers that may typify the attitudes of some whites on campus.

A charter bus service was hired by Alpha Phi sorority to transport students to the Glory Bound Bar in Tuscaloosa for a “Phiva Las Vegas” party.  Racial slurs were reportedly screamed at a a bus driver who had said that alcohol was prohibited in the bus. The drivers of the two buses involved were allegedly called “dumb niggers.” A drink was purportedly thrown at one driver.

During the ride a group of SAE fraternity members reportedly chanted “Nigger, Nigger, Nigger” along with the music that was on the bus speaker system. Upon leaving the bus several students allegedly hit one on the drivers on the back of his head.

Although at Greek parties the most played music is rap and at football games the fans in the Greek student section rabidly cheer when a black player scores, there are only a few Greek organizations that are integrated.

Jake New posted in Slate:

“We have to remember that the Greek letter system in the United States was founded on pretty harsh and legally supported exclusionary practices,” Matthew Hughey, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut who studies the issue, said. “There’s a normal, mundane type of racism that functions every day, but it’s harder to see.”

Is racist behavior at the University largely a product of its segregated Greek system, or is it a universal trait that could be applied to many of the students who are not affiliated with the school fraternal organizations?

The student from New Jersey who had posted racist videos was expelled by the University.  How many other students who have done equally bad or even worse things have seen similar consequences?





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