Bama’s #1!


According to a recent Sports Illustrated article “College Football Gameday Safety” the University of Alabama had the most police incidents on gamedays in the nation:

Sports Illustrated compiled campus police records from 33 of the biggest football schools in the country to determine the number and type of incidents that occurred across campus during each gameday of the 2017 season. The results […] are an illustration of college football gameday misconduct and provide a look into the safety of campuses during tailgate season across the country.

The average total number of police incidents on campus on gamedays was 139.4 incidents. Alabama led the group of schools with the most total number of police incidents on campus on gamedays with 448, while N.C. State reported the highest incident rate among the schools.

Typically, a higher number of reported incidents was correlated with a stricter policy on underage alcohol enforcement and the schools with the highest incident rates reported hundreds of alcohol-related incidents. Universities on the opposite end of the spectrum—those reporting 50 incidents or less over the season—reported markedly lower numbers of alcohol offenses.

Information for the article was derived from daily police logs:

Due to the Clery Act, schools are required to publish a daily police log of all occurrences on campus. Sports Illustrated obtained these records online or directly from university police departments, then pulled data for each gameday.

The article pointed out that:

The main incident linked to students is widespread underage drinking on gamedays.

The University of Alabama has a strict policy on under-aged drinking.

The University’s #1 ranking may have little to do with student behavior. Most of the fans are not students. After all the population of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (99,543 in 2016), where the University is located, swells to twice that number on big gamedays.

The sheer size of the number of football fans in town may be the reason for the number one ranking in incidents on gamedays in T-Town.



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