Round Ball & Covid

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The Covid virus had been depicted as a round shape but, unlike a basketball, it had been shown with spikes.

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What steps would the University of Alabama‘s basketball program have taken to mitigate the transmission of the Coronavirus transmission during the 2021 season?

The Tide Tipoff had been scheduled for October 22.

Masks had been required in indoor areas on campus.

Following guidance from the UA System Health and Safety Task Force, the UA campus requirement for face coverings has been extended through Oct. 29. Face coverings continue to be required inside all non-residential campus buildings, including all classrooms and academic buildings, and on campus transportation. The rule applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

SpectrumNews/1‘s Charles Duncan reported the steps taken by schools in the ACC. “The stakes are high for teams. The Atlantic Coast Conference this year won’t allow teams to reschedule games if too many players test positive for the coronavirus.” He further wrote:

College basketball is big business in North Carolina and around the country. With the countdown on, many fans are waiting to hear how they can finally go see a game in person again. Thousands of screaming fans in an indoor space could be a recipe for more COVID-19 cases on campus.

But with coronavirus case numbers still high, schools are still trying to figure out how they can have thousands of screaming fans in indoor arenas.

Duncan said that masks might be required or attendance limited to fans who had vaccine cards or a negative test. The capacity of an arena might also be restricted.

Associated Press‘s John Seewer reported that, although deaths per day due to Covid had dropped off, if public safety measures were not still maintained that there might be a fifth surge of infections. He wrote: “Despite the encouraging direction in the U.S., health experts say it is no time for people to drop their guard because there are still far too many who are unvaccinated.”

The Crimson White‘s Alex Jobin wrote about Covid mitigation measures at football games. There had been no mask requirement at the University for outdoor events. He wrote:

As far as specific policies are concerned, the University should require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test prior to attending a game. For those who are already vaccinated this would pose no inconvenience; for those who are not, this would allow them to still enjoy the games while minimizing the risk that they might pose to themselves and others. The University would not even be alone in taking this action; other SEC schools such as LSU have instituted a COVID-19 policy since the beginning of the season.

Would the University’s mask requirement be extended after October 29th? Would that apply to fans in Coleman Coliseum and Foster Auditorium? Or would there be the “horrible public health implications” that Alex Jobin opined about in The Crimson White?


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  1. A recent study in JAMA Network Open was referenced by Martha Bebinger in WBUR News. She wrote: “An assessment of coronavirus spread in the weeks following this year’s March Madness basketball tournament raises concerns for college communities with more relaxed COVID protections.” An Alabama student died after the tournament because of complications due to Covid-19.

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