No Rush To Judgement?

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The University of Alabama‘s Sorority Recruitment Week has come and gone. It was a little different this year because a film crew was shooting a documentary for Vice on HBO+.

The University was beside itself over the filming, as reported by‘s Sarah Swetnik. There were objections by the school to “unauthorized recordings,” which the University considered to be “deplorable.” Swenik wrote that Jonathan Bing, a spokesman for Vice Studios, was making a rush documentary in Tuscaloosa, directed by Rachel Fleit.

Fleit‘s bio includes:

Rachel is a recipient of the first ever, and now annual, Women’s Fund Grant from Made in NY/ Mayor’s Office for Film & Television for her short documentary Ava & Bianca about the friendship between two female cinematographers who happen to be transgender.

Purportedly a daughter of the owners of one of the media companies involved with the documentary was kicked out of her sorority for multiple violations of bad behavior. At least that is a rumor that is going around–allegedly attributing HBO‘s interest in the project to some sort of revenge by a disgruntled parent for his daughter’s banishment from Greek life.

Of course the multitudes of fair skinned and light haired Rush participants looked about the same as in years past, except perhaps for one. One of them was transgendered. Grant Sikes, a transgender student at the University of Alabama, according to Your Tango‘s Megan Quinn didn’t have much luck.

In her application for Rush Grant wrote:

“Looking back on this past week, SO many amazing opportunities have come my way. In my inital application papers, I paid tribute to my Grandma who passed away this year with Alzheimer’s. I know that she is so proud. Nana, this is just the beginning.”

Photographs published in an Vasha Hunt‘s story about “Bama Rush 2022” show, among the co-eds, only one minority–an Asiatic girl.

Joseph King and Javon Williams in 2020 wrote in the student newspaper The Crimson White about the frustrations that predominantly Black Greek organizations faced at the University:

The University of Alabama has one of the largest sorority and fraternity communities in the United States. But despite Greek life being a cornerstone of campus life, disparities between traditional white Greek organizations and Black ones are stark.

If the HBO+ documentary is ever aired, perhaps the girls participating in Rush will speak for themselves.

What could go wrong?


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