It Would Be So Nice If Something Made Sense For A Change


Lewis Carroll’s Alice said, “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”  But when you fall into a rabbit hole that really shouldn’t be expected.

The University of Alabama’s President Judy Bonner is a member of the 2014 class of the Alabama Academy of Honor. According to Ed Enoch in The Tuscaloosa News, “The academy honors living Alabamians for accomplishments that benefit or reflect well upon the state. Bonner is being recognized for her career at UA, according to an announcement. Bonner is the first woman to lead the Capstone.”

Perhaps if she came up with a good response to a “Letter From A Concerned Mother To Judy Bonner,” Judy Bonner might be honorable for a change. But the Academy probably is more concerned with power than “honor.”

Of course when faculty members express the obvious their wording is often cloaked in the rarefied air of the academy. Another article by Ed Enoch “University of Alabama Faculty Senate receives reports on Greek diversity” reported on the the University of Alabama Faculty Senate’s “Task Force for Excellence in Equity, Inclusion and Citizenship.”

Enoch wrote, “In its report on diversity and inclusivity, the recommendations included a survey of the campus climate regarding diversity and existing programs and organizations; a unified message of UA’s commitment to diversity to new students during introductory activities; changes to the Capstone Creed and UA’s equal employment opportunity statement; creation of an executive position to oversee campus diversity and multicultural programs; construction of a center for diversity and inclusivity; and including coursework addressing multiculturalism and diversity in the core curriculum.

“The core coursework recommendation prompted a debate among the senators about how it could be implemented, with some questioning whether there was enough space to add a course to the core, if existing courses could fill the role, and whether extracurricular activities or training could also accomplish the goal.

“The task force felt the recommendation could potentially have the broadest impact on the campus culture among students, task force member Norm Baldwin said.

“Senators also asked questions about whether there was support from the administration for a new executive position. Baldwin — while acknowledging historically lukewarm interest by the university in a diversity executive position — said he was not unhopeful.”

Then, if there is truly hope that Judy Bonner will lead the University administration to a new day of diversity, perhaps there is still time for her to earn her honor.

But some members of the Faculty Senate are concerned about the report. Enoch wrote, “Some senators raised questions about the fairness of singling out the fraternities and sororities among the student organizations for the targeted list of reforms. The traditionally white Greek organizations have had problems historically with diversity, Baldwin said.”

Well, that makes sense!


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