Ted Cruz passes the Alabama sniff test


It’s no wonder that politicians like Mo Brooks and John Merrill are Ted Cruz fans. He smells like the dirty feet of a Klux Klux Klan Confederate flag waver.

Brooks trusts Cruz. He’s akin to one of the racist whites that vote in this state and go to the University of Alabama.

Cruz admires Donald Trump, whose immigrant bashing ways please many in the Heart of Dixie. “When it comes to Donald Trump, I like Donald Trump. I think he’s terrific. I think he’s brash. I think he speaks the truth,” Cruz said.

When Cruz stinks up Bryant Denny stadium, where he is the keynote speaker at the Republican Lincoln-Reagan dinner, his foul odor will be indistinguishable from the majority of University of Alabama students and grads. It is the stench of the Klan, the smell of The Capstone.


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