Ted Cruz and Bryant-Denny…Great Pair?


Angel Coker reported in the Tuscaloosa News about Ted Cruz being the the keynote speaker at The Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. He will speak in in the North Zone of Bryant-Denny Stadium on the University of Alabama campus.

“The Lincoln-Reagan Dinner began in 2006 and has featured keynote speakers like Mitt Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and the GOP 2012 nominee, and Karl Rove, a political consultant and policy advisor who served as senior advisor to President George W. Bush.”

The stadium has hosted all sorts of events. Having Ted Cruz speak is just another example of using the popular facility.

Alabama is a Republican state. The University of Alabama is virtually a Republican school.

Having Ted Cruz speak at its loftiest edifice should not come as a surprise.

Jason Zengerle in his GQ article Ted Cruz: The Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas quoted a Cruz speech that defended John McCain: “It has been suggested that those of us who are fighting to defend liberty—fighting to turn around the out-of-control spending and out-of-control debt in this country, fighting to defend the Constitution, it has been suggested that we are wacko birds. Well, if that is the case, I will suggest to my friend from Arizona, there may be more wacko birds in the Senate than is suspected.”

A “wacko bird” like Cruz ought to fit right in at the University. After all in Alabama,  a winning football team is more important than having a financially sound state. Or one that often wastes great sums of money in its Don Quixote like tilts at the windmills in such matters as prohibiting same sex marriage.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, who arranged for Cruz to speak, said that “he thinks Cruz will highlight the policies of his presidential campaign and talk about the turmoil people with strong conservative values face today and how he believes the country can be improved.”


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