The Code & the Naked Truth

According to an article by’s Jonece Starr Dunigan about a documentary by Fusion TV “The Naked Truth: Frat Power”, the University of Alabama has amended its code of conduct.

Now it’s a campus offense to interfere with “any election.”

The Code of Conduct now lists as one of the “Offenses against the University Community”:

(1) Acts of dishonesty, including, but not limited to, the following:
c. Tampering or interfering with campus, local, state, or federal elections or an individual’s right to  vote in the same, including, but not limited to, requiring someone to provide evidence of voting for a particular candidate or issue, coercing or using valuable incentives to induce an individual to vote for a particular candidate or issue, or taking detrimental actions against an individual who refuses to vote for a particular candidate or issue.

The University’s amending of its code was apparently not considered newsworthy enough to get coverage in the local media. Did it not want to acknowledge the transgressions of members of its student body?

Dunigan wrote about the Fusion TV documentary’s coverage of the alleged support by the Machine of  Cason Kirby in the Tuscaloosa County Board of Education election in August 2013. :

Kirby using incentives like limo rides to the polls and free drinks at the bars. But in order to vote, the students had to change their residency. Nerz said students did that by registering addresses of houses they didn’t live in. Kirby denied the claims during the documentary.

The losing candidate, Kelly Horowitz, accused Kirby’s campaign of voter fraud and filed a lawsuit. Nerz said the court found that 159 votes were invalid due to faulty registration. Kirby won the case because there wasn’t enough testimony from sorority members to prove Horowitz’s claims.

Horowitz said the loss taught young people how to navigate the field of politics the wrong way.

“We are educating a generation of college students, the people who should be the most idealistic about their democracy, we are instilling (incentives) and dirty tactics into their view of politics from a young, impressionable age,” Horowitz said.

UA didn’t discipline students for the alleged faulty voter registration that year, but Nerz said it did amend its code of conduct to make interfering with any election a campus offense.

Now thanks to a  documentary that was streamed on the internet people have been made aware of a hopefully successful attempt by the University to rein in its Machine.


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