Penny Ante?

In what might be the first fallout from the recently established University of Alabama   code of conduct that applies to student politics, a Machine candidate has been slapped on the wrist.

An story by Ivana Hyrnkiw reported:

A candidate for the University of Alabama Student Government Association President has been found guilty by the university of three campaign violations.

As punishment, Jared Hunter will not be able to actively campaign through Monday, March 6- the day before elections.

According to documents from UA, Hunter committed two “major” campaign ethics violations and one “intermediate” campaign spending limit violation. Records show Hunter, a junior majoring in political science, provided a bar tab worth $500 to students who attended his campaign kickoff party at Heat Pizza Bar. During statements to the Elections Board, Hunter lied about the tab.

It seems somewhat baffling that it took meddling in a local school board election for the University to finally regulate the Machine’s conduct in political areas.

This all seems somewhat penny ante. Heads should have rolled and students been expelled after the school board election debacle in 2013.

Of course it’s always possible that the University’s administration yet trembles at the idea of confronting The Machine?


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