Fifty nine seconds & a smartphone in a purse



The expression “Bless His Heart And Other Parts” seems to be popping up all over the place, in much the same way as rumors of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s imminent resignation are.

The recording that hoisted Bentley with his own petard was made using a smartphone that his former wife Diane Bentley had placed in her purse. According to’s Paul Gattis, catching the “Luv Guv” talking to his indispensable assistant didn’t take long. 59 seconds. Gattis reported on findings in the House Judiciary Committee impeachment report:

The report said Ms. Bentley worked with Hannah, her chief of staff, to make a recording “that she could use to ‘catch’ her husband and Mason in the affair.”

Ms. Bentley came up with the idea of using the recorder on her cell phone to capture audio between her husband and Mason. Ms. Bentley asked Hannah to show her how to do it, the report said.

“Ms. Bentley captured the first of two recordings by turning on the phone’s recording device, placing it in her purse on the sofa, and then announcing to her husband that she was taking a long walk on the beach,” the report said.

“Promptly upon her departure–within approximately 59 seconds–Governor Bentley was on the phone with Mason.”

The first recording included Bentley engaging “in the now-infamous monologue about how much he enjoys feeling Mason’s breasts and their need to lock the door to his office when engaging in certain activities,” the report said. That recording later ignited the public scandal.

His wife made a second recording. Hannah downloaded the recordings to a laptop computer, burned them onto a disc, made a copy for herself “for her own protection” and gave the original to Ms. Bentley.

Bentley had even ordered now-fired Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier to be prepared to arrest Heather Hannah if the tapes were released. Her crime, one could only assume, was that she showed his wife how to use her smartphone and downloaded the recordings that his wife made into a laptop. Is there a law in Alabama against assisting another person with information technology?



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