A Medal for Judy

Judy Metal

Ed Enoch in the Tuscaloosa News reported on the new Judy Bonner Presidential Medallion Prize.

“The trustees accepted the $1 million to establish the prize in honor of Bonner’s legacy on Friday. Bonner was not at the meeting but released a statement through the university.

“’I am so honored that the Judy Bonner Presidential Medallion Prize will recognize our most deserving individuals who have positively impacted and made lasting contributions to the Capstone experience for our undergraduate students,’ Bonner said. ‘I want to express my deep appreciation to Trustee and Dr. Johns for their strong support and love for the University of Alabama and by honoring me in this special way.’

“The earnings from the endowment will be used to honor members of the UA community who have made extraordinary contributions to the Alabama experience by positively impacting undergraduate students.”

In her “Letter from a concerned mother to Judy Bonner” Ann Smith wrote to Bonner:

From our experiences at the University of Alabama the ‘Stand in the Schoolhouse Door’ appears to be shrine only. The monument is reflective of concrete only. Shouldn’t there be meaning behind this statue? Not a commemorative ceremony with distinctive guests but with real meaning?”

Smith was concerned about the treatment of her daughter but was more concerned about the quality of Bonner’s leadership at the helm of The Capstone.

Bonner’s true legacy will not be represented by a medallion prize but by her inability to rein in the University of Alabama’s self appointed, over-privileged students who are affiliated with The Machine. Had Bonner stood them up against the wall in defiance of their wealthy, enabling alumni, perhaps their feckless reign of terror at the University might have ended.

That would have been something worthy of a prize.


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