Indecorous decorating?


An article in The Tuscaloosa News Attorney accused of money laundering while finishing University of Alabama sorority house reported:

“Between 2013 and earlier this spring, prosecutors say Meehan, a former sorority member and president of the housing corporation board of the UA chapter of the sorority, is accused of submitting roughly $95,000 in false invoices for kitchen furnishings to Greek Resource Services, which handles accounting and finances for Greek organizations at the university. Prosecutors say Meehan is also accused of opening a bank account under a fraudulent business name and submitting about $375,000 in fraudulent invoices for furniture to Greek Resource Services. Prosecutors allege about $175,000 of the funds were transferred from the account of the dummy business into Meehan’s personal accounts. Meehan did not have an attorney listed in federal court records on Monday.”

Until an investigation into the underbelly of the University of Alabama’s Greek society and its notorious Machine is made the reality of life on an University, in which nearly thirty percent of its students are affiliated with the Greek system, will not be known. It’s high time for the administration to step up to the plate and do a comprehensive look at its dominant Greek culture.

Any visitor to the University of Alabama will be impressed by the Greek mansions, many of which rival educational buildings at the University in size. What indecorous activity goes on behind their massive doors?


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