He fought the law and the law lost


In spite of having been slapped on the wrist for a violation of the student code of conduct by the University, Machine candidate Jared Hunter easily won the Student Government Association election.

Bennett Stansell reported in the student newspaper Crimson White:

Before he even heard the official Facebook live announcement, Jared Hunter knew that he had claimed an unofficial victory in the 2017 SGA presidential election thanks to a celebratory roar, yelled by his campaign staff, close friends and fraternity brothers, that enveloped the entire Theta Chi fraternity house on Tuesday night. Unofficial results had Hunter winning with 54 percent of the student vote.

On how much power he will give “The Machine” during his presidency, Hunter said “None.

Hunter had two “major” campaign ethics violations and one “intermediate” campaign spending limit violation according to an AL.com story by Ivana Hyrnkiw.

If Jared Hunter continues his successful political career he may wind up representing District Four on the Tuscaloosa Council. The way that the district was drawn up insures that a student will be elected. That virtually means that  a former member of the Machine will always be on the Council.



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